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A Contemporary Dark Why Choose Gang Romance Series
Killer Candy
Lapland Underground, Book One

Stripping has to be better than living under the control of a ruthless crime lord, right?

I may have hung up my knives, but Lapland is not the fresh start I’d dreamt of. Darkness lurks under the neon lights in the form of the three panty-melting assholes that run the club.

Zander, West and Rocky are exactly the types of dangerous men I’d sworn to avoid.

They want me to play by their rules, but I’m nobody’s puppet. Sexy smirks and inked muscles won’t stop me from getting what I really want. Revenge.

Everyone better watch out because my name is the only sweet thing about me…


Slasher Heart
Lapland Underground, Book Two
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Who knew joining a gang of criminals would be so damn complicated?

I pledged my loyalty to the monsters that run Lapland, but the three men I’m bound to hide dark desires behind their smoldering stares. 

Zander demands control, West craves destruction, and Rocky seeks retribution. They all want one more thing, too. Me.

Devilish temptations, old wounds and bitter rivalries aren’t the only threats we have to face. We all have secrets. Secrets that could tear us apart.


No one can run from their past forever…

Reaper Flame
Lapland Underground, Book Three
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What's the point of playing nice when you're born to be bad?


Ash is all that remains of my hopes to leave my old life behind. Bittersweet memories and betrayal have ignited a vicious fury that burns through my veins like poison.


Vengeance consumes my every moment, and I won’t stop. Not until I’m holding a bleeding heart in my fist and staring at a chest emptier than my own.  


I’m ready to unleash the darkness. Even if it destroys me and everyone I’ve ever cared about. 


Maybe it’s time I embraced my destiny…


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Lapland Underground Prequel

Exclusive to newsletter subscribers only.

Kitten is a 20,000+ word novella and prequel to the Lapland Underground series. This does not need to be read to appreciate the main series but provides extra background to the female main character before the series starts.

My heart is still beating, but does that really make me one of the lucky ones?

Nothing in Blackthorne Towers is left to chance. My captor is keeping me alive for a reason. Obeying his orders will keep me alive, but what is the price I'll have to pay for my life?

When you're surrounded by monsters for long enough, there's only so long that you can resist the pull to the darkness... especially if I can get my vengeance.

ash and the basilisks  

A Contemporary Rock Star Why Choose Series
Ash and The Basilisks, Book One

The world’s most prestigious summer music camp can make or break you...

A viral video lands me a scholarship to Camp Harmony, but they don’t want the real me. They want Ashley, the pop star. I spend the summer pretending to be someone I’m not, until I sneak out to see my favorite metal band perform.

Behind their masks, the Basilisks understand what it’s like to belong in a world where you feel different. Zed, Ripper and Venom’s lyrics touch my soul and make my heart sing. After a crazy night on their tour bus, my life will change forever, but I have to be careful...

Sinister secrets and corruption hide behind Camp Harmony’s beautiful lake views. When two worlds collide, I face losing more than my future as a singer.

Ash and The Basilisks, Book Two

They can’t hide behind masks forever...

The Basilisks rocked my world in a night of passion, but discovering their true identities changed everything. Now Zed, Ripper, and Venom owe me answers. 

Confronting secrets and resisting desires aren’t my only problems. Competing in a fierce music competition catapults me to fame and flips my life on its head. The three men who deceived me become the only ones who can help.

As our lives, hearts, and music harmonize, we build up to a chorus that no one will forget.

the vanta collection

Standalone dirty, dark, and forbidden novellas for adults.
Tasting Clementine

She is my secret addiction…

Clementine is the girl I want but can’t have, which makes her impossible to resist.

I have to protect her from my father and his depraved desires, but his twisted hold on her runs deep. The connection we share might be the only thing that can break it.

Our love may be forbidden, but it’s inevitable.

Taking Bella

I’m taking her back, whether she likes it or not.

She’s spent years creating a new identity and living a perfect life. Now I have to step out of the shadows and remind her who she really is.

Bella is trying to run from her past, but she can’t hide from me…


She’s been mine from the moment I laid eyes on her, and I won’t let her forget it again.

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